Lucas Foster, Jon Edwards

Level: 3 levels (1 – 3) – split version available (1A – 3B) CEFR pre A1
: for Kindergarten children from age 3-5

Treehouse is an effective and enjoyable three-level coursebook series for students at the pre-K and kindergarten levels. Students join our characters on a different adventure in each unit, and are engaged through a variety of fun and exciting activities to help the story progress. These elements combine to help students learn vocabulary, foundational grammar structures, colors, shapes, numbers, values and cross-curricular content.



  • *Stealth Learning: Each unit is structured as a story that the students participate in. The learning is “disguised,” as students focus on the plot, setting, and characters of the stories. This makes the learning experience more enjoyable and effective for students and teachers.
  • *Communicative Approach: Students do not just learn language and complete practice drills; they use the language they learn to help the story progress. This gives more meaning and purpose to the language students are learning and helps them to comprehend and retain the language better.
  • *Colorful Design and Illustrations: Each page is filled with colorful background images related to the story theme in each unit. This makes each page more appealing to young learners and helps keep them focused and engaged.
  • *Main Characters: In each unit, one of the three main characters introduces the plot, setting, and other characters of the story. They explain what students need to do to help the story progress and conclude. The characters assist the students throughout the unit, helping them to build confidence and  giving them a familiar face to learn English with.



  1. Student Book with MP3 CD
  2. Activity Book
  3. Teacher’s Pack with Teacher’s Guide, interactive teaching CD, song posters and more
  4. Free downloadable teacher’s resources including worksheets, flashcards and more


treehouse_TB1 treehouse_TB2 treehouse_TB3


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