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CEFR: Pre A1 – Pre A2

Age: 6-11

Pictionary was developed with the aim of forming a solid English foundation for children. Pictionary allows children to practice more than 600 essential first English words categorized in 56 familiar themes, with vivid illustrations, precise Vietnamese definitions and interactive learning activities. In addition, meaningful readings, along with catchy songs and highly educational games greatly assist children in developing their confidence in using language.

Key features

  • Inspires young children to learn English actively
  • More than 600 essential vocabulary items are organized in 56 attractively illustrated themes guided by 3 fun characters Nick, Daisy and Sam the squirrel
  • Aligned with CYLET and MOET (Vocabulary & Structures)
  • Special themes of Math, Science, and Social Studies are exclusively featured to familiarize children with expressions commonly used in these subjects
  • A variety of fun activities and catchy songs activate children’s fine motor and cognitive skills
  • Meaningful readings reinforce children’s vocabulary retention, as well as instill in children the interest of reading in English
  • App offers opportunities for language revision and exam preparation
  • Practice tests get young children ready for Cambridge YLE (Starters and Movers) and MOET


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