A member of DTP Education JSC with over 10 years of experience in the education sector. DTP Online is determined to become the top company in providing online education products and solutions in Vietnam.

With the aim of being “the leading business in online education solutions”, we are proud to be the pioneer in the design, development, and provision of online English teaching and learning programmes, education products which take advantage of both modern means and Vietnam educational expertise.


The Online Education products are specifically built to provide the education and training sector with holistic, advanced, ground-breaking hi-tech solutions.

The i-Learn English programme

  • English programme for Primary schools, approved and applied by HCMC Department of Education and Training in primary schools in 10 provinces/ cities.
  • Designed for online teaching and learning on interactive equipment, which cuts down the workload for both teachers and pupils.
  • Amusing – User-friendly – Effective – Relaxing – Suitable for English learning environment on Vietnam.

The i-Courses

Specialized English courses in finance, banking, tourism, petroleum, mathematics, sciences tailored by Publishers which allow students to self-learn anywhere, any time as long as they have Internet connection.

Online testing system i-Test

A system of test preparation and international online exams built by publishers for the obtention of higher results in language proficiency tests such as TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, FCE...and entrance exams.

i-Read Library:

  • An online English library suitable for all age brackets and levels
  • Enhances English reading skill
  • Original, relaxing interface, with lively narrator and illustrations



With the principle of “Holistic training, genuine values”, DTP Education JSC offers comprehensive education programmes. From training teachers to educate students at all levels, we contribute genuine quality and values to the improvement and the development of the education system.

  • Helps English Teachers improve their teaching methods
  • Brings students to level B1, B2 and eligible for IELTS
  • Assists teachers who teach Science and Math in English at primary schools.
  • Helps teachers make full use of software on IWB


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Given the social development, global competition as well as the upsurge of information, “knowledge has become a chief economical thrust”. For optimal knowledge absorption, education contents, methods, and means need to be in sync/ harmony.

As a member of DTP Education JSC, DTP Investment consults on designs and provides Labs, interactive classroom equipment, subject-specific classroom equipment, classroom decoration, library management solutions, interactive panels, and vocational training equipment. Besides education appliances, we seek to optimize the utility value via instruction sessions, after-sale maintenance services, warranty and software, and electronic teaching plans with which teachers can easily and efficiently devise animated lectures, making sure their student have a better understanding of the lessons.




  • Teacher’s hand-held device can interact with each student, supervise and evaluate them.
  • Shows results in form of graphs and rankings. Teachers quickly receive students’ exact answers, on which teachers can evaluate each student’s level.
  • Teachers can divide the class into groups for group work, self-learn.
  • Đoàn Thị Điểm Secondary school  
  • Kiên Lương 1 Primary School - Kiên Giang Province
  • Đông HồPrimary School - Hà Tiên Province
  • Hùng Vương High School - Hậu Giang Province






  • 148-150 Nguyễn Đình Chính street, Ward 8, Phú Nhuận District - Hồ Chí Minh city, Vietnam
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DTP Academy offers a wide range of English courses for all age brackets, especially for pupils in Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools. Combining experienced, dedicated and professional staff and native teachers with modern, appropriate methods and devices, DTP Academy wants to give students an effective learning environment which facilitates their progress and the achievement of their goals in learning English.

Some of the outstanding advantages of DTP Academy:

  • 100% experienced native teachers who have a bachelor’s degree (or higher) and other international English teaching certificates to ensure the best teaching quality.
  • Curriculums are based on Vietnamese cultural elements to suit local students and the lessons are highly applicable.
  • Helps students sharpen their English thinking-reflex as well as skills necessary for the 21st century and the 4 Reading – Speaking – Writing – Listening skills.
  • Flexible classroom organization with various solo and group activities using cutting-edge interactive-visual-auditory devices
  • Introducing international test formats in exercises and classroom activities.
  • Learning resources comprise of materials and accompanying applications, resources downloaded free of charge from the Internet.


  • 148-150 Nguyễn Đình Chính street, Ward 8, Phú Nhuận District - Hồ Chí Minh city, Vietnam
  • Tel: +84 28 3844 2317 - Hotline: +84 915 240 110
  • Website: www.dtpacademy.vn
  • Email: serviceteam@dtpacademy.vn