DTP Education JSC specializes in counseling, providing, and operating advanced library management solutions, RFID technology for libraries. The positive changes resulted from using library management solutions, library equipment, and infrastructures utilizing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology synchronously and systematically have not only effectively assisted in monitoring, controlling the process of distributing, lending and returning documents, and preventing thievery; but also enhanced the ability to operate, connect with readers, and modernize the library.

Besides providing library management software and library equipment with RFID technology standards – which are professional, flexible, and suitable for various demands and scales, DTP Education JSC also provides advice, designs, and develops friendly library models. DTP Education JSC directly surveys the conditions of the libraries’ equipment and premises to come up with solutions to arrange and reorganize the library premises in an open, multi-purpose, friendly, simple and relaxing manner for users. DTP Education JSC’s friendly library models feature flexible designs, alterability, and multi-purpose capability.

The library management solutions that DTP Education JSC currently offers are:

The Library Management Software system has the following subsystems: Cataloguing, supplement management, searching – OPAC, Reader management, Lending-Returning Management, Serial Publishing Management, Digital Materials Management, Inter-library lending management, and Administration. These subsystems share the same database and interface while having a connection that reflects the library’s physical process.

Not only being merely a tool assisting in managing traditional libraries, the library management software system for electronic library – digital library also provides integrated solutions for digital libraries. Thanks to that, documents are built as a multimedia database with texts, images, graphs, audios, videos,… that can be stored or used online through network connection.

Key features:

  • 100% web interface, ready to connect with the Internet, and strictly follow TCP/IP protocol standards.
  • Include every type of digital data, can perform indexing and full-text searching.
  • Fully support Vietnamese, can perform a search that notices or ignores capitalized letters.
  • Compatible with serial number readers of different manufacturers.

Central management, just by installing the software once at the Central Library and use the installed version at dependent libraries or branches. All of the member libraries will be brought to the central database system to install the shared software to gain access to the same database, allowing them to easily share library resources, acquire bibliographic records, collect member libraries’ statistics and reports, and focus on the management and operation process of the library data system.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology capable of identifying and managing one or many units using audio frequency. This technology has more advantages than bar codes or traditional anti-theft codes; thus, significantly reduces the costs and works required. Library equipment utilizing RFID technology assists in preventing books and materials thievery, identifying, managing, and monitoring circulation, lending/returning, inventorying documents.

There are many ways to determine document info in today’s library. However, the most popular way is to store some notable information in a microchip (RFID chip) with an antenna system. The antenna

Enables the chip to transmit information for identification to the reader device. The reader covers the radio frequency of the chip into digital information and transfers them to the computer to process.

Security access control systems using RFID technology (RFID system in short) support the library using two features: determining (identifying) and security. Using RFID cards for books will no longer require scanning codes like the barcode system. Moreover, the RFID system can identify multiple cards or documents simultaneously and manage the storage quickly and automatically. This advanced technology is widely used in many libraries all over the world. Library equipment using RFID technology is used in open reading rooms, which have many documents in various categories and have a huge lending/returning service intensity.

Facing the ceaselessly increasing demands for friendly library models, DTP Education Solutions Vietnam also offers general solutions pack and comprehensive advisory service, which are suitable for management demands. DTP Education Solutions Vietnam will directly work on performing surveys, designing plans, providing equipment, and ensuring the friendly library model features.

  • Diverse resources collection: print materials sources (books, newspapers, magazines), digital materials sources (digitalized documents, ebooks, online database).
  • Modern management methods: equipping professional management tools like library software; using flexible procedures based on available equipment, allowing librarians to play the role of reader’s helper only.
  • The qualities of the services are ceaselessly improved and enhanced: designing libraries in open space manner, elective book archive; readers can use the materials on site or access remotely to read documents.
  • Friendly library space: the designs and arrangements are decided based on available equipment, the interior is designed in bright and vivid theme; the design is flexible, allowing users to rearrange to change the uses depending on the demands.

Completed Projects

Ho Chi Minh city's University of Foreign Languages & Information Technology (HUFLIT)

Đồng Tháp Provincial University's Library

Library of Trần Hưng Đạo Gifted High School – Bình Thuận Province

Cần Thạnh Primary School - Cần Giờ District - Hồ Chí Minh City