DTP Education Solutions JSC is the leading group in Vietnam in the field of providing the most efficient total education solutions and English coursebooks from world-class educational organizations. Over 15 years of operation, DTP Education Solutions JSC has been the number one strategic partner of the prestigious and world-renowned publishers such as: Oxford University Press, Compass, Scholastic Inc., Alston, Abax, Highlights, Reallyenglish, Cambridge University Press, Express Publishing, Pearson, Longman, Macmillan, Harcourt, Marshall Cavendish, and many other international publishers in franchising and distributing products to Vietnamese consumers.

Up until now, DTP Education Solutions JSC has been providing hundred thousands of books, materials, and digital solutions supporting English teaching and learning in Vietnam in many categories. Print books and digital solutions can vary in learners’ age, from pre-school, elementary, secondary, high school to university; or in different levels from beginner to advanced; or reference materials, English test builders, specialized coursebooks with supporting applications, online self-study courses e-learning, learning methods, and other learning software.


Along with distributing resources from top-class educational organizations, DTP Education Solutions JSC also releases specialized products to meet the demands for teaching and learning English of Vietnamese teachers and students.  We understand that training English knowledge is the key to enhance the chance to compete of Vietnamese young generation in the international integration era, but cultural values and national tradition must be retained in the lessons to have familiar, practical contents for both learners and teachers.

With that in mind, DTP Education Solutions JSC has collaborated to publish the following two bilingual dictionaries English-English-Vietnamese:

These two editions have succinct and intelligible Vietnamese translation, together with English annotations, specific situation examples, making them the ultimate supporting tools for Vietnamese people to master English vocabularies.

In addition, DTP Education Solutions JSC has also researched and successfully developed three English teaching products with supporting resources, which received positive feedback from teachers, students, and parents. These products include:

By using the approach that utilized colorful and vivid images, the products developed by Dai Truong Phat will help students learn the country’s culture naturally, not forced, while stimulating their curiosity and enthusiasm, and enhance their four basic English skills: listening-speaking-reading-writing. We hope by developing specialized coursebooks for a country, either for Vietnam or for other countries, we are able to enhance the ability to update and customize coursebooks to be best suited for that country’s English education traits.


  • Meet the demands of the program framework of the Ministry of Education and Training
  • Specialized contents for Vietnamese classrooms. Well-updated, high cultural values, and adaptability.
  • Promote autonomous learning, and reinforcing learned vocabularies through meaningful readings, catchy and memorable songs, appealing comics, and fascinating age-suitable games and activities.
  • Easy to use, helping students review and catch up with lessons, helping teachers prepare lessons quickly and efficiently.
  • Create opportunities for students to drill and prepare for examinations, especially the English language proficiency, of the Ministry of Education and Training, as well as Cambridge English Qualification exams for children (Starters, Movers).

Designing lesson plans

DTP Education Solutions JSC believes that only providing materials and learning aids is not enough to ensure the efficiency of teaching English. Teachers, who directly deliver knowledge and experience to students, also need to be equipped with the best teaching equipment and aids.

We help you standardize lessons using selective and specialized coursebooks developed by Dai Truong Phat based on the demands of the school. The lesson system is built in a detailed manner on many aspects: teaching schedule, lesson length, limit of a number of vocabularies in each lesson, grammatical structures, drills, games, and activities in each lesson.

English language teaching:

Understanding that the popular view has been shifted from “Learn English for the sake of school performance” to “Learn English for the sake of daily use”, DTP Education Solutions JSC has been developing professionally trained native teachers who received international English teaching degrees and certificates to meet the demand of schools all over the country. During animated classes with native teachers, students have the opportunity to improve their Listening-Speaking skills, Communication reflex and pronunciation while still following the lessons set by MOET’s curriculum.

In addition to introducing native teachers to Vietnam classrooms, in 2018 March, DTP Education Solutions JSC launched DTP Academy. This is an English centre which offers various English courses for students from all age brackets, particularly those from kindergartens, primary and secondary and high schools, IELTS test preparation, Communication and General English for adults. With its professional, dedicated and experienced native teachers and staff, its appropriate modern teaching equipment, DTP Academy wants to give students an effective and well-designed learning environment, fostering their progress in achieving their goals of English learning.

Teacher training:

DTP Education Solutions JSC believes that merely providing teachers with materials and coursebooks is not enough to help teachers take full advantage of them. To ensure that the highest potential is brought out to yield the best learning-teaching outcomes, we regularly organize Workshops for teachers and students. We take great pride in thousands of workshops took place all across Vietnam, bringing teachers true quality and helping them meet the teaching standards.

Aiming for “Total training, yielding realistic outcomes”, DTP Education Solutions JSC promotes self-contained training programs that train from teachers to students, bringing realistic qualities and values, helping students improve quickly and achieve desired goals in learning English.

  • Assisting teachers in improving their proficiency in teaching methodology.
  • Training students to reach the B1, B2 standards and to take IELTS exams.
  • Assisting teachers in teaching Mathematics and Science in English at Elementary level.
  • Assisting teachers in exploiting and attaining mastery in utilizing software for Interactive White Board (IWB).
  • Collaborating with Macmillan Education, DTP Education Solutions JSC advanced specialized solutions and professional training for teachers, by using world-class online teacher training courses – NILE, which has been used in 65 countries around the world and participated by more than 40,000 teachers.

The application of advanced technology and the modernization of infrastructure not only make English learning-teaching more effective but also facilitate the management and operation of companies and educational institutes. DTP Education Solutions JSC is currently providing platforms and education equipment of various sizes and functions for all requirements, purposes and spaces. These holistic education solutions help to maximize the budget and bring about positiveness, synchronized changes.

Vestel panel with the latest LED technology:

  • Vestel Interactive Flat Panel Display
  • Vestel Signage Display

Online training platform e-learning Blackboard

Multi-function classroom solution Net Support School

Library Solution

  • E-library/ Digital library management software system
  • Library equipment system with RFID technology
  • User-friendly library consultancy-design-construction

Other solutions

  • Complete entreprise management solution ERP
  • Human resources-payroll solution
  • Smart office solution

Member companies:

We guarantee:

  • To put the quality of our products and education services first and foremost through constant efforts and investment to develop new products and through the understanding that IT is the foundation on which future education solutions are based.
  • To aim for a corporate culture that is professional, dynamic and constructive


On the 10th anniversary, DTP Education Solutions JSC was bestowed with:

  • An award by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) for excellent achievements in MIC’s 2012 emulation movement.
  • The tradition flag by HCMC People’s Committee
  • An award by HCMC People’s Committee for consecutive excellent mission accomplishment and significant contribution in the city’s emulation movement, on the occasion of the company’s 10th anniversary
  • An award by the Prime Minister for achievements in training human resources and participating in charity activities from 2010 to 2012 which helped to further Vietnam’s cause of Socialism and national defense.