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  • Jenny Dooley, Virginia Evans

    Express Publishing


    Levels 6

    CEFR A1-A2

    Age 6-11


    Fairyland is a six-year course at primary level. Young learners enter a world of fantasy and adventure where learning becomes a memorable…

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    Ana Foncerrada, Jeanette Greenwell, Andrew Starling, Joep Van Der Werff, Gabriela Zapiain, Silvia Zapiain


    Level: 6

    CEFR: A1 – A2

    Age: 6 -11

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  • Fairyland International

    Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley

    Fairyland is a coursebook series for students from 6 years old at the elementary level.

    The series will take students to a land of adventure and imagination,…

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  • Hang out!

    Walton Burns * Laura-Claire Corson * Jake Murray
    Level: 6 levels (1-6) CEFR Pre A1 – A2+
    Age: for Primary children from age 6-11

    Hang Out…

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  • Hang out!

    Walton Burns * Laura-Claire Corson * Jake Murray

    Số cấp độ: 6 cấp độ (1-6) CEFR: A1 – A2

    Độ tuổi: dành cho học sinh Tiểu học, từ 6 đến 11…

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  • I – learn Maths

    Dr. Eric Chan Chung Ming
    Vietnam News Agency Publishing House

    Levels: 5

    Age: 6-10

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  • Macmillan Mathematics

    Paul Bradbent, Anne Broadbent


    Levels: 6

    Age: 6-12

    Macmillan Mathematics is a six-level course that bridges the gap between mainstream curriculum teaching and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) or English-medium teaching…

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  • Maths Smart

    Hawa Shabal, Penny Sim


    Levels: 2

    Age: 6-9

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  • Onward Maths

    Hawa Shahbal, Penny Sim

    Level: 5 levels (1-5)
    Age: 6-11

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