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  • Crickets

    Annette Flavel, Francisco Loyda, Isabel Moreno, Fanny Riva Palacio

     Levels: 4

    Age: 2-5

    Crickets is a four-level preschool series that integrate all the domains of early learning. The learning cycle is based…

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  • Happy Hearts

    Jenny Dooley – Virginia Evans
    Happy Hearts is a coursebook series for children at the age of 3 to 6.

    This series will bring children into an adventurous world to learn with…

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  • Highlights High Five Magazine


    Highlights  High  Five™  (HHF)  is  the  award-winning  magazine from Highlights for Children that contains ­fiction  and  non-fi­ction  stories,  poetry,  puzzles,  and  crafts  suitable  for  children  ages  2-6.  In the…

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  • Highlights™ Library


    Highlights Library is a web-based platform featuring a collection of more than 2,000 digital stories and eBooks. This digital library is an all-encompassing learning management system to strengthen English-language…

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  • Hooray! Let’s play!

    Herbert Puchta – Günter Gerngross
    Hooray! Let’s play! is an English Preschool coursebook series including three levels for children at the age of 3 to 5 written by a group of famous…

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    Rebecca Williams Salvador


    Level: 3

    Age: 3 -5

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  • Treehouse

    Lucas Foster, Jon Edwards
    Level: 3 levels (1 – 3) – split version available (1A – 3B) CEFR pre A1
    Age: for Kindergarten children from age…

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