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The students who are studying now will graduate into a world that is quite different from previous generations. Their future jobs and lives will be much more global, technical and feature vastly different methods of communication and interaction.

As English teachers it is our responsibility to prepare our learners for this new reality and help them develop the types of knowledge and skills necessary for them to be competitive.

Our first workshop will share ideas about how to help learners communicate and retain language in their long-term memory through stimulating, minimal preparation activities and games. We’ll also explore how to present and practice vocabulary in an engaging and memorable way.

The famous scientist and philosopher Galileo once said that mathematics was the language in which God has written the universe. Unfortunately, many people find mathematics difficult and frustrating. In our second presentation we will look at a practical CPA approach to make maths more accessible and interesting from an early age.

Finally, in our third workshop, we will look at ways of making language study for adults and university students much more effective and efficient using the 3xPractice approach.



Mustansar is an experienced specialist Mathematics teacher who is joining us from BIS HCMC. He has previously taught secondary Mathematics to sixth form level in London and has gained international teaching experience as Head of Department in the UAE. He recently developed his professional interests by completing a Masters in Education and International Development at UCL, London, being awarded an MA in November 2017.


Phuoc has more than 15 years of experience in teaching English to all age ranges and levels of students. He has been extensively involved in creating materials for classroom use. Currently, he works as a product manager and trainer for DTP Education Group and has conducted more than 200 English teaching workshops on a variety of topics across Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.


Corrie is a well-traveled and experienced English as a Second Language teacher. He has experience in a wide range of contexts, including private schools, public schools, and conversation schools in Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. He received his Masters in TESOL in March 2014 and has been teaching in Asia ever since


Adam grew up in the UK and studied English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. After finishing his studies he stayed on as a research student and acquired a Masters Degree in English. Following this, he spent 3 years working for two of London’s most prestigious head-hunting companies, forming strategic partnerships with some of the UK’s largest strategy consulting firms. He then finished top of his class in acquiring a CELTA teaching qualification and decided to move to Vietnam to return to his passion in languages. He has been teaching in Vietnam since 2017 at language centres and universities, with specific focus on adult learners, academic English and IELTS test preparation.


Active and Engaging Maths with the CPA Approach

Children can find maths difficult because it is abstract. The Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract (CPA) approach builds on children’s existing knowledge by introducing abstract concepts in a concrete and tangible way. It involves moving from concrete materials, to pictorial representations and finally onto abstract symbols and problems. This Singapore approach is seen to be the key to attaining a mastery of mathematics.

Maximizing English Language Practice: The 3XP Approach

There’s a huge difference between studying a language and using that language. One of the main responsibilities of an effective teacher is to give learners as many opportunities as possible to practice in order to ensure that the language point is embedded in the learner’s mind. 
The 3XPractice (3XP) concept is based on the idea that producing the correct answer is only the first step towards helping students to use the language item and not the final goal. It encourages students to play around with new language and experiment with forms and meanings so they can be nudged towards greater internalization, memorization and personalization

Teaching Strategies for Memorable Lessons

Young students have short attention spans but are extremely energetic. They learn best when they are having fun! So as a teacher, instead of trying to keep them sitting still, we need to focus this energy into engaging activities that help them learn, communicate and retain language in their long-term memory.
In this hands-on, practical workshop, we will share ideas about how to achieve these aims through stimulating, minimal preparation activities and games. We’ll also explore how to present and practice vocabulary in an engaging and memorable way. The activities highlighted will be easy to apply in all classes


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Maximizing English Language Practice: The 3XP Approach

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Teaching Strategies for Memorable Lessons

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9:30 - 9:45

Active and Engaging Maths with the CPA Approach

9:45 - 10:45

Resources' Information

Level: 6
Age: young adults

Personal Best

Personal Best is a 6-level General English course for today’s busy young adults who want to maximize their English language learning experience. Developed with Series Editor Jim Scrivener, internationally renowned teacher trainer and presenter, it brings together his focus on practice as a driver of improvement for students and a 21st century course package with an integrated Web-based video show and the Personal Best Language App.

There are two key ideas that power the concept of Personal Best:

It’s Personal: The course focuses on students as individuals who learn at different speeds and have different strengths and weaknesses.

It helps learners achieve their Best: To help students reach their full potential, we have focused on the vital role of PRACTICE. The course makes sure that students can actually take away the language they can use.

i-Learn Smart Start

i-Learn Smart Start is a five-level course for young learners
of English. It has been developed by an experienced team
of international and Vietnamese writers and teachers to be a
perfect fit for the Vietnamese classroom.

Key features:
- Comprehensive curriculum: based on the Cambridge
Young Learners’ syllabus and the Vietnamese Ministry of
Education and Training (MOET) guidelines
- User-friendly lesson format with lessons that are easy to
prepare, teach, and understand
- Motivational material, including catchy songs,
colorful comic strips, and fun games
- Interesting characters for students to meet and learn.
with while they go on exciting adventures.
- Effective balance of all four skills
- Content and culture focus
- Test practice: each theme includes exercises that familiarize
students with the common tasks they will find on exams
like the Cambridge Young Learners English Tests.

Level: 5
Age: 6 - 11

i–Learn Smart Maths

i–Learn Smart Maths is a five-level series based on the latest Primary Mathematics curriculum of Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training. This series supports the Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract approach to enhance conceptual understanding and the teaching of mathematics.

The features in the Student’s Books are designed to encourage active learning on the part of students. Through their learning experiences, we hope students can understand mathematical concepts effectively, acquire the skills for everyday use, build confidence, and foster interest in mathematics.

Key features
- Engaging contents using authentic context closely connected to the real world
- Problem-solving skills learned through a structured four-stage approach adapted from Polya
- Clear transition of concepts within topics
- Clear scaffolding of visualization
- Easy-to-use Teacher’s Guide with the wrap-around format incorporated in both the textbook and workbook, and specific instructional objectives for different topics.

Level: 5
CEFR: PRE A1 - a1+
Age: 6 - 11